10 Greatest Open World Games of All Time

when it comes to video games there are

plenty of different genres to choose


but open world games are some of the

most popular, because well the

opportunities are often

endless you can do pretty much anything

you want in them at your own pace and that is part of what has always allowed certain open world games to separate themselves from other categories

and establish themselves as not just

some of the best open world games of all

time but some of the best

video games of all time period.

so let’s take a look at some of the best

video games in the open world genre

  1. The  legend of Zelda breath of the wild

the legend of zelda breath of the wild

is an absolute

masterpiece of a game and many people

would go as far as to say it’s one of

the best games of all time. similar to how the general population felt about ocarina of time. Nintendo decided to change things up for their first legend of zelda game on the nintendo switch and they absolutely

nailed it.  the open world gameplay is

just so damn good there’s tons of quests to do all around the world and we’re not just

talking about collecting those 900 korok

seeds. after a few hits and misses with the

previous legend of zelda games breath of

the wild could easily be considered the

best game nintendo has ever produced

partly due to its perfected mechanics

that make combat feel so

smooth and partly because of the

dungeons. the shrine puzzles and divine

beast puzzles were very thought

provoking and weren’t always

straight forward and easy

on top of all of that the dlc has added

so much to the game that it’s

ridiculously easy to get lost in the

over 100 hours of content. 

  1. Skyrim

skyrim is a game that has withstood the test of time because, despite being released all the way back in 2011 it’s still being played by tons of gamers today  and has been re-released more than a

couple of times. sure the combat’s a bit

clunky and leaves a lot to be desired

but other than that and a few glitches here and there the game is incredible.

your journey is the dragonborn fuso


foes left and right is great even if it

doesn’t make much sense if you’re

playing as any race other than a nord

quests aren’t always typical fetch

quests either as many force you to

intimidate people

sneak around or dive into ancient nordic


there are also many different factions

you could join that each have unique


the rpg elements like skilled trees and

classes are so

simple and intuitive there are no

pre-ordained classes so

you could be whatever you want in skyrim

and that alone is most of the fun.

  1. The witcher 3

the witcher 3 is another open world game

that’s held in

very high regard again just like skyrim

it doesn’t have the smoothest combat


although witcher 3’s combat is certainly

better and it also has some technical

hiccups here and there but still its rpg

elements and story are some of the best

we’ve ever seen in

any video game the cast of characters is

very unique and interesting

everyone has a role to play in the story

and you eventually feel

some kind of way about all of them

making everything that happens to them

that much more interesting

the quests are very well done and most

feel like their own little short stories

sometimes even overshadowing the main

quest as for the main quest it does a

good job of adding more character to

geralt as it goes along

the customization and upgrade system

really gives us a sense of progression

and gets harder as the game goes on

if you love rpg games and you love huge

open worlds

doesn’t get much better than the witcher

  1. GTA 5

say what you want about gta 5 but you

can’t deny how incredibly successful the

game has been

this title has been re-released more

than skyrim as it’s going to be playable

on three generations of gaming

that’s one heck of an achievement what

we love the most about grand theft auto

5 is that you could do almost

anything in the game race around the

streets of los santos

check fly a jet yeah play tennis oh yeah

go on a rampage you know it as you can

see there’s almost

nothing you can’t do in this game plus

the main story is a hilarious thrill

ride where we see our main three

characters do business together before

it eventually all goes wrong

the whole multiple main characters thing

is still pretty revolutionary to this

day as not many games have done

something quite like it oh and speaking

of revolutionary gta online has to be

one of the best multiplayers we’ve ever

seen for an open world game just like

the actual game there’s so much to do

and it’s highly addictive as it’s still

getting consistent free updates to this


  1. Minecraft

minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game

while we said you could do anything you

want in gta 5 it’s technically not

completely true because you can’t do

literally anything you want but in

minecraft you most certainly can baby

if one day you find your creative juices

to be flowing exceptionally hard you

could go into creative mode and build

whatever you want it could be a city

a castle or just a simple little house

if you want to experience something

different you could go into survival

mode where you have to gather your own

resources and eat to stay alive

everything you earn in this mode feels

more rewarding because you actually had

to go out into the world and find it


instead of simply going through some

menus and if the standard game modes

aren’t enough for you don’t

worry because there are plenty of online

servers hosting a bunch of unique games

like the minecraft hunger games or a

minecraft version of prop hunt

minecraft is definitely one of the most

influential games of the 2010s and

that’s not even up for debate

  1. Red dead redemption 2

unlike dutch rockstar actually had a


and that plan was to make red dead

redemption 2 one of the most


open world rootiness tootinist games in

the wild wild west

there’s almost nothing negative you

could say about red dead redemption too

it is undoubtedly rockstar’s masterpiece

and while its online mode does pale in

comparison to gta 5’s its single player

story is

so much better you grow to learn so

much about arthur and every member of

the vanderland game

you realize why they’re all together and

start to form an opinion about

each of them which will often change the

story goes along

every time you think you know what’s

going to happen next you get a curveball

and it’s not just there for no reason it

makes sense and keeps the story

driving forward the combat in the game

is solid and very much like gta 5 but

what really sets

red dead redemption 2 apart from others

is its attention to detail

this game constantly surprises the

player just when we think we’ve seen it

all we’ll notice two animals duking it

out or how detailed arthur’s tracks in

the snow are

actually yeah i’m gonna take a break and

go play red dead right now i’ll be right


  1. Horizon zero dawn

horizon zero dawn may very well be the

best ps4 exclusive out there

and it was so good that we can’t wait

for horizon forbidden west on ps5

while we already talked about how

amazing the attention to detail in red

dead redemption

2 is the same could be said for horizon

zero dawn

which is very impressive considering

it’s gorilla’s first ip since

kill zone the mechanical creatures just

look incredible and there are so many

ways to take them out

you could stay hidden using a bow and

arrow or you could jump in head first

with a spear

we also just love how beautiful the

world is and the effects of walking in

grass and snow

the realism of the game helps immerse

the players into it

and so does the story alloy’s character

development throughout the main quest

is incredible and we end up learning a

lot about what happened to the world

through her

there’s so much to discover in horizon

zero dawn and that sense of mystery just

keeps us reading

every audio log in journal that we

stumble across something that not all

games manage to pull off

  1. Metal gear solid 5

konami is just really good at this whole

video game thing because metal gear

solid 5 the phantom pain

is a masterpiece we’ve only called a few

games a masterpiece so far in this video

and we have meant it

every single time we just love how there

are so many different ways to go about


it allows us to create our own memorable

moments without being punished for not

using stealth

if anything it actually rewards your

creativity in other metal gear games

you’re often forced to use stealth but

not in metal gear solid 5

which is one of the reasons why we love

it so dang much open world games thrive


freedom and that’s exactly what we got

with the phantom pain

the gameplay is impeccable and the story

is solid the character development is

meaningful and everybody feels like they

have a role to play

in the story which is the biggest sign

of brilliant storytelling

sure that story could get a bit

convoluted at times but it’s a metal

gear solid game

  1. Fallout

so we’ve come to expect that from kojima

by now

fallout is such a good series that it

was hard to pick just one game from it

to include in this video but if we could

only pick

one we would have to go with fallout new

vegas that being said it’s a bethesda

game and one from 2010 no less so of

course it has its fair share of bugs

glitches and clunkiness still it was a


improvement over fallout 3 in terms of

the story and quests

the game isn’t going to wow anybody with

its graphics or combat but the mojave

desert setting just

captures the essence of a

post-apocalyptic world and this story

with all of its factions to choose from

is just plain enthralling from start to

finish fallout new vegas

huge world expansive quests and hidden

secrets give the game so much replay


that we somehow keep coming back to it

even an entire decade

after its release it may not have aged

very well but fallout new vegas is an


world gem and deserves a re-release on

next-gen consoles

  1. Cyberpunk 2077

yeah yeah we know which game you are waiting for.

about the greatest open world games of

all time. including it here just because it has the potential to be

one of the best games ever for starters

it’s developed by cd projekt

red the same studio behind the witcher 3

so right from the get-go expectations

were sky

high in the game you play as a mercenary

known as

v who could be given a name and be

either male or female

we love that customization we also

expected to have similar rpg elements to

the witcher 3

so multiple skill trees to develop these

abilities the setting

night city looks so alive and is set

during a time of unrest where people are

kind of doing whatever they want with no

repercussions due to a lack of any kind

of government

we feel like the unique setting could

make cyberpunk 2077 one of the most

immersive games yet and we just can’t

wait to get our hands on it later this


and those are some of the best open

world games of all time.

do you agree with this list???  are there

some games that we might have missed???

do you think cyberpunk 2077 could

potentially be the best open world game


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