Best Youtube Video Editing Softwares For Gaming Channel

Hey, this is Go Crock And today I’m gonna go over three free video editing software’s that you can use to make cool videos For cool video ads or your YouTube channel or whatever you want to use it for but first before we get started Make sure to read the post till the end.

So you have one magic rule no matter what kind of video software you’re using to edit your videos and it’s one rule only and That is to catch attention do whatever you have to do as you can see. I’m not the most interesting guy in the world.

I’m filming this and Grand Theft Auto type Cartoonish type editing so really all you have to do is catch attention When doing video marketing in doing so lots of movement will catch people’s attention.

Whether it’s changing your position on camera as you have seen in other videos, Adding more words adding more movement that is gonna pick up any kind of interest in your video. Now that you know the golden rule, let’s go ahead and check out the video editing software’s where you can make cool videos for free Okay.

So the first one I’m going to show you is called vide If you go to bead that I oh you can get have access to it. It’s a beta version is very new. It’s very very limited in the fact that you can’t really edit all sorts of videos together.

You need to add one at a time. So If you want to add text to certain Clips certain parts of the area are very very limited. I’m gonna add the one I just put here rotating Just to make that now if you wanted to add the text you can do that we’ll just write a cool Man something like that something stupid and we can change the color.

We could change the font Which is very limited and far as what you can use You can change the size do whatever you want really here. If you want to add, you know the brush size for the pen you can do that. Now what I don’t like about this is that this cool man is gonna go for the entire clip, which is 12 seconds so you really you know, you need to do one clip at a time, which is what I don’t like about it, but it is.

They’re just trying to get you to know, get it out there, and super super simple to use you can make powerful short videos using this If you want to rotate it, you can if you want to crop it. You know for these are these are super simple for probably Instagram videos is really where these will come in Be great if you want to make memes.

This is really a video editing software That would be perfect for that or Facebook ads or something like that as you can make.

You know change the size on it do whatever you need to do If X you can change the brightness you can change the contrast you continue to saturation and all that kind of good stuff Stickers you can add emojis which are super powerful again for videos for you now

, Facebook or Instagram ads or something like that so if you want to just add the poop emoji or The eggplant so whatever you want you can add that on there with two eggplants But anyways, this is super limited, but it is powerful if you want to use it mostly for Instagram or Facebook Okay,

so the next one is called Animatronic Video comm you can go ahead and use this one. They do have a free option the problem with free option Is it does have a watermark.

Animatronic it rid of that animatronic The pricing it’s not cheap. Let’s see. I’m actually about to try myself. You have 39 49 And 149 depend upon what kind of videos you make but you can create a free project.

They have templates which are really really cool. So let’s just see here If we want to make a video We can use their video just edit it and I don’t really haven’t really used this much.

So I do plan on actually getting the upgraded version to use it for some videos, but I haven’t used it quite yet So just forgive me and bear with me so I can learn how to use this I’ve only messed with a toy so far.

So if you just wanted to you see how their videos We have music in a slide clip You can use they have stock videos on here that you can use if you wanted to add your own.

So these are some of the videos some of them you got paid for some of them are free So if you wanted to add this in here we can just add this If we want to add the text we would just click there and you would just write Add text You can change the font you can change The style really cool

Actually, they have you know, you just change that way it slides in you can change the effects pretty easily You can change it right there. It’s real cool. But like I said with the free version you have the animation If you did want to add your own clip so you can do that as well As you can see here.

let’s just add this one again So if you wanted to add your own clips you can add it in add text there as well I Don’t know what to say you can add the positioning on it you can Like I said, you can add the colors so it’s pretty cool Um.

I really like this for videos where you’re trying to explain things just a different way of doing explainer videos So I’m definitely gonna give this a try you could try this out. It’s waived that video or you can go to Animatronic ahhmm and give it a try ok.

so now we have adobe spark and adobe spark is one of my favorites and it is free although again with the watermarking. You can’t take the bar marking off with the free account you would need to get premium which is about ten dollars a month.

but I love Adobe spark now if you click there you will see you can really make posts for anything but we’re gonna be making videos because we’re gonna be making a video ad We’ll just call this a test.

So you can really just pick anything, you know, if you want to promote an idea tell what happened hero’s journey Whatever it is, or are you good to start from scratch? We’re just gonna click one of these just to show you real quickly.

So here’s what you know the videos look like when they’re all done It’s kind of how you can customize it If you want to add your own stuff, you would just go ahead and you can add a picture or a video So let’s just add a video real quick.

We’ll add that video Okay, so we load the video now if we wanted to just go ahead and you know It has cool effects if you wanted to add the split-screen you can add text right there Test you can add a caption.

You know just like that and have written down there. You can have full screenwriting You can pretty much do anything just like that video with it that we showed you make the kind of like a slide Those kinds of video ads convert very very well

especially on YouTube Now I’m gonna show you one more software that I use I have the premium version I’m going to show you how you can get it for free and keep on getting it for free, but it’s not actually free So hold on and I will take you to the next and last one Okay.

So here we are in Magisto and Magisto right now is my favorite Software to use video ads it’s not well they do have a free trial which I’m gonna get into later.

just put together this video real quick I did actually get a job where I’m making a video for a flooring epoxy company and This isn’t the video that I’m gonna be using but I just put together a few, you know a few templates.

I wouldn’t be using it I might spend more time on them. If you want to make a new one. You just go here to make a video and just You can create a video or you can customize the template. Here we’ll see so you would just go in here and Basically, I do this on my phone.

It’s actually easier but you would just add videos and then you can you know to select the editing style And then the music they have royalty-free music as well so which is pretty cool so There you go, so that’s just one thing that you could do on there again.

this is not free but if you look here if you look at the pricing is number one super cheap, but That’s not what we’re gonna be talking about what they have here this is the one I have already and I already signed in so you can’t see but you have a free trial option.

where they’ll give it to you for seven days for free now if you just keep on changing your email you can get it for Seven days here seven days there and just spend a couple of days making some videos so you can do that With you know Magisto, so Magisto is my favorite one right now Again.

you don’t have to get the paid version But you do have to keep changing your email every seven days which is kind of a pain in the neck. So Basically, that’s it. That’s these are the best software’s to make video ads on As far as editing goes and I hope you liked this post.

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