Binance leverage: New Coins on Binance

The past six months the overall cryptocurrency market has seen substantial growth both in terms of money and flow but also in terms of new coin listings finance being the largest exchange in the world truly benefited from both while the Binance coin has been under the radar for some time.

especially in 2019 and the beginning of 2020 the ERC 20 tokens truly underwent an impressive market turnover starting December 2020 that saw it become the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency. for many, this was a true surprise considering that in December 2020 bnb was only ranked the 10th   largest cryptocurrency in the world.

that means that in barely two months finance outperformed major players like bitcoin ripple Cardano XP and even polka dot to sit right behind the number two ethereum this has obviously gotten the attention of many people.

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investors as well as the media in this post we’re gonna look at various future price predictions ranging from 2021 to 2025 the market-wide bull run that set off in December 2020 truly had a parabolic effect on the Binance coin when January kicked off.

the coin was trading below 40 dollars per token however it took binance to an all-time high of 338 dollars per coin currently however Binance is trading around 250 per token with a market cap of almost 40 billion however still the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

For those of you who think that binance is just an exchange you’re truly wrong finance is so much more than an exchange, it is an entire blockchain ecosystem that can do everything that ethereum is doing. however faster better and cheaper.

 now as you probably know ethereum was founded in november 2015 and if we look at today’s or let’s say yesterday’s transactions ethereum had one point million daily transactions finance marching that was launched in September of 2020 five years later yesterday had a daily transaction volume of 2.7 million.

furthermore the highest number that ethereum blockchain has ever seen was 1.4 million the highest number the binance smart chain has seen was 3.7 million transaction on tuesday march the 16th but now the time has come to get into our first future price prediction which comes from

and they’re basing their future price prediction on an in-house algorithm and they believe that finance will be a profitable investment they’re seeing a high in 2021 of 291 dollars 2022 a high of 377 dollars 475.2023 and in 2024 they are seeing a high of 567.

 the second price prediction comes from and they are predicting the future price on in-house technical analysis which they’re also doing on basically every coin there is in the crypto industry you’re seeing a high in 2021 or 324 in 2022 a high 405 493 dollars in 2023 and in 2024 a high of 581 dollars and they believe that they can see a high in 2025 of 676 dollars per bnp token.

the next one is digital can never pronounce it they’re also basing their price prediction on in-house algorithm they’re seeing a high in 2021 of 438 in 2022 517 and in 2023 they see a high of 632 dollars and let’s go forward to 2025 where they believe that we can see one token one finance token almost at 900 per token.

the next one comes from and they in  contrast to all other platforms are basing their future price prediction on an in-house fundamental   analysis which i like 2021 they’re seeing a high of 653 high but hey who knows 2022 of a thousand dollars and 67 and in 2025 of 4 309 and in 2030 a high of 8527 dollars.

i don’t come here and tell us that we don’t that we give predictions that are too low even though they’re not ours but come on this is certainly a good prediction as always we have prepared a conclusion slide you know that doesn’t really bring any conclusion but nevertheless, we have put in the lowest lows and the highest highs from all the platforms that we have described in this post.

i truly hope that it can help you for your own future price prediction of the binance coin that’s it for me I hope you enjoyed it I tried to be short and precise and stay home stay safe.

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