This Esport Player Earned 80 Crore

Today we are going to talk about an Esports Athlete who is getting 80 Crore Rupees Just to play video games But before that, be sure to read the complete post. if you would like to understand about this story.

Let’s start with Valorant’s IPL Skyesports League matches will start from today and it’s getting to be a crazy tournament A prize pool of 10 Lakhs! And finally, an opportunity to travel to LAN Wow! Skyesports has been organizing tournaments all year long And for this tournament, the players and teams are revealed they need brought in a number of the simplest content creators and athletes It’s going to be a crazy affair… it’s city-wide We are participating during this tournament as Team Bangaluru i feel it’s time to chant #GEFighting

Now let’s talk about Noble Esports We’ve gotten to understand that they’ve found out a Bootcamp near Mumbai in Kharghar It’s speculated that their Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile players are going to be residing there. Big props to you Noble! Now, everyone’s camp is either in or nearby Mumbai So, it’s great to ascertain the entire ecosystem coming together in one place Let’s take a visit to America North America’s First Strike Finals Have already started And there are some amazing matches line up!

The final 8 teams remain in this tournament Insane set of matches are rounded up This tournament is going to be live-streamed on Riot’s official Twitch and Youtube channels and what’s more, Ninja and Myth are co-streaming this tournament So… how can you even miss this event?! Go inspect the tournament and discuss your predictions! Now, within the past 2-3 months, we have seen many ups and downs within the Indian Valorant community.

Velocity Gaming isn’t a neighborhood of this trend they’re undefeated so far The last tournament they won was TEC Challenger Series #4 Beating out Noble Esports 3-2 i feel their match has been the foremost interesting one within the recent past Velocity Gaming won 3-2 but, congratulations for putting up such a bold performance Noble Esports. Just a couple of days before this tournament, we need to know that Noble Esports player will play under the banner of XTZ Esports going forward.

Now speculations are going on about which team will Noble Esports devour If you’ve got any information on this, do let me know within the comments By the way, aside from this, Riot has planned a big surprise for Valorant According to data-miners, Valorant is going to get a battle royale mode First leaks about a mobile version, and now battle royale… Riot, what are you all up to? o_O What all does one have up your sleeve?? Can’t wait to see what’s going on! I don’t skills long it’ll deem of these updates to return But i’m very excited about it in the week , Free Fire’s Continental Series tournament came to an end And boy, what a tournament it was!

_ A prize pool of quite 5 crores! Split into 3 different regions and therefore the Asian region’s response was amazing! Almost 1.58 million peak concurrent viewership And a mean viewership of over 6 Lakh live viewers This tournament’s Asian finals had almost 5 Crore total views! Wow! Total Gaming had participated during this tournament which is one among the simplest teams in India But the result for them this point wasn’t all that great They finished at the 8th position Also, we’ve gotten to understand that they could be considering roster changes What are your predictions?

Please let me know within the comments below Very exciting times in Esports! Apart from tournaments, there are many events being hosted also actually , this week, Omen Fan Fest 2020 came to an end Our very own, Bhavin Kotwani aka HellrangeR was a neighborhood of this event Our team’s IGL and Captain was a neighborhood of this event it had been a really interesting event to support the increase of PC Esports in India

Now, in this event, HP India has announced the Esports Gold Quest Scholarship Program In which players can get about 12 Lakh Rupees as an annual scholarship and a salary of 50 Thousand Rupees Along with all these, they will also get an Esports Kit from HP Omen Along with an international trip where you will get to train with the simplest Esports stars within the world

This scholarship is hospitable Indian applicants between the age bracket of 16 to twenty And this scholarship goes to roll out from 2021 So if you are eligible for this scholarship, go apply immediately And for this, there is going to be a talent hunt starting from Jan 2021 The results are going to be out by June we’ve not spoken about PUBG Mobile and therefore the reason is that there really isn’t much to speak about.

i might just want to tell you about one thing There are many APKs being released in the market Using the label of PUBG Mobile India Don’t follow or believe these because the game has not been unbanned yet the corporate has been registered, the teaser is out, but beyond that, there’s not any substantial information do not believe everything you hear Even influencers are saying that the sport will arrive today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day-day after tomorrow 12th may be a good date,

it’ll arrive on the 12th! Don’t believe all of these, no information has arrived yet And as soon as anything substantial is out I will inform you immediately, Tell me in the comments which games are you playing these days. Now, let’s talk about Perkz who is a League of Legends Player He plays for Cloud9 His contract was bought out from G2 Esports and the deal value was over 80 Crore Rupees Now think for yourself… how much salary can one earn just by playing a video game The facts are right in front of you. The details of this deal was revealed in one video by Jack Etienne who is the founder of Cloud9. it’s an insane story! I didn’t know that you could make so much money by playing games And I’ve already been a professional Esports athlete (btw) If I knew this, I wouldn’t have even retired y’know… Anyway, what are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments And before you leave.

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