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During the last 50 years we have

witnessed a tremendous amount of growth

in the gaming industry year-on-year

boundaries in storytelling graphics and

content are pushed to new heights that

were previously not for possible.

  This ultimately led to the gaming world we have today an incredibly powerful

platform that commands a hundred and

thirty seven point nine (137.9) billion dollars in worldwide revenue with further growth expected to continue.

  In this we will look at some of the most important games in history and how they truly revolutionize the gaming world as a

whole. now without any further delay please sit back, get comfy and enjoy the blog.

1. Pong

For a game that was as simple as a

moving pixel and two straight lines

representing paddles pong really did

have an incredibly powerful impact on

the video game industry pong was the

first game produced by Atari however the

story behind its beginnings is much more

interesting at the time Atari co-founder

Nolan Bushnell hired a new employee by

the name of Alan Alcorn. Alcorn had no

experience in games whatsoever

therefore Bushnell tasked him with the

development of a simple game that was

based on table tennis this was to be

treated as a warm-up project that would

test Alcorn’s potential however soon

after development it was clear that this

game was destined for much greater


after being surprised with the quality

of our phones work atari decided that it

would be appropriate to manufacture the

game and release it to the general


initially 12 production units were built

and placed around California it didn’t

take much time for Palma to quickly

generate interest and become an instant

success due to the obvious appeal and

interest that was being generated by the

public Atari encouraged their staff to

invent more and more games that would

drive innovation and propel their

company forward as a result of this

during the Christmas season of 1975

three years after the initial release of

pong Atari managed to build a home

version of the game that would be sold

exclusively at Sears retail stores this

was again and of a huge commercial

success with the game selling numerous

copies across the u.s. it is amazing to

think that game born out of an

employee’s aptitude test became one the

most successful and renowned arcade

games in history it really makes you

think we’re with the gaming industry be

at today if Allan Alcorn had never been

given a chance to show his talents by

the founders of Atari

2. Super Mario

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in 1985 the video game market was

seriously struggling with video game

retailers finding it hard to come up

with new and unique ways to entice

gamers however Nintendo were adamant

they were going to do something about

this and first Super Mario Brothers was

born as we all know Super Mario Brothers

became an absolute cultural phenomenon

which in turn resulted in millions of

NES consoles been sold worldwide aside

from the fact that Nintendo almost

single-handedly resurrected the home

gaming market the actual content of

Super Mario Brothers was revolutionary

at the time compared to the single

screen games that previously dominated

the era that continuous and never-ending

scrolling world of Mushroom Kingdom

compelled players to keep going as far

forward as possible

this essentially redefined the video

game market at the time and gave rise to

other games that revolved around a

similar playing style the effects of

this game are still being felt today as

Super Mario Brothers continues to bring

in new content every single year in a

range of variations of the original game

it was estimated that by 2011 Super

Mario video games had brought in 12

billion dollars in sales which

ultimately gives it the title of

best-selling video game franchise of all

time just imagine if Nintendo had never

attempted to resurrect the video game

market would the gaming industry have

found a way to survive or will it have

never recovered.

3. World of Warcraft

the veterans of the MMO community will

recall tales of dangerous and epic raids

and games such as EverQuest and Ultima

Online however only one game within this

genre can hold the trophy as most

popular World of Warcraft or Wow as it

is more commonly known boasted a

subscription counts of 12 million

players at its absolute peak to put the

size of that user base in perspective if

WoW was a country it would have more

citizens than the entire country of

Belgium roughly placing Azeroth as the

70th most populated country in the

entire world

Wow essentially redefine the entire MMO

genre as the chance of leveling up and

collecting loot with friends became a

much more attractive prospect than it

ever had been the sheer size of the

open-world that Blizzard created was a

match at the time who has still been

expanded upon in every expansion pack

release Liz’s ability to play a fun

sociable game and combine it with a

continuously evolving gaming world

ultimately ensured that this game got a

mention at my list as an ex while

playing myself I can’t even imagine what

the gaming world would be like without

Wow’s influence even talking about it

now makes me think back to many good

hours that were spent achieving

exploring the world craft world it truly

was a revolutionary game that still

continues to inspire and attract

millions of players this very day

4. the legend of zelda ocarina of time

at the time designing and creating

worlds in the third dimension was

considered to be a great challenge with

only a handful of companies being able

to implement the graphics in a

controlled area however in 1998 the

potential for free D worlds was fully

realized with the release of The Legend

of Zelda Ocarina of Time for the first

time in gaming history players had the

opportunity to explore huge open world

that seemed limitless in possibility one

of the most unique aspects of the game

aside from the 3d graphics was the

brand-new Z targeting system this was

revolutionary from a combat gaming

perspective as it meant that gamers had

the opportunity to focus their attacks

whilst also having the option to quickly

switch between enemies the use of Z

target locking systems is still used

this very day with game franchises such

as Assassin’s Creed still relying on

these methods to facilitate their means

of combat unsurprisingly Ocarina had a

staggering 500,000 pre-orders in the US

alone to put that in perspective it more

than tripled the previously held record

for a game that had been pre-ordered

within the first week more than 1

million copies were sold with that

figure skyrocketing to 2.5 million

almost exactly a month later this figure

continued to grow as more and more

review companies praised the game with

companies such as IGN stating it was the

new benchmark for interactive

entertainment whilst it is true that

many games since Ocarina now boast a

much larger game world few players will

ever forget about the first time they

embarked on their adventure in the

kingdom of Hyrule it has to be said if

you look back now it really makes you

wonder where the gaming world would be

without Ocarina is groundbreaking

open-world adventure

5. Pokemon

For a game that was basic in concept but

undeniably addictive in practice

Nintendo’s Pokemon really found a

winning formula when it came to unifying

the world of marketing with gaming

Pokemon was the first game that managed

to capture the same level of child

baiting that had occurred throughout the

80s and 90s managing to translate that

type of hysteria into the gaming world

many games have tried to replicate the

winning formula that Nintendo found

however none of even come close to the

standard that was set with Pokemon this

franchise showed the gaming industry

what could be achieved when you combine

Q cartoon characters with an addictive

compulsion to catch them all this

formula ultimately ensured that game has

spent countless hours searching the

Kanto region to fully complete their

pokedex while also collecting the right

types of Pokemon that would be ready to

battle all of the gym leaders within the

game the impact and popularity of this

game back in 1996 was so powerful that

is still being felt to this day even 22

years later after the game’s initial

release the Pokemon franchise has

continuously evolved to make sure that

it stays relative in an ever expanding

gaming industry recent business ventures

such as Pokemon go have ensured that

Nintendo stays true to its roots whilst

also accepting and adapting the game to

suit the needs of a modern gaming

society if you are like me and spent

many hours playing this game as a child

can you really imagine a world in which

Pokemon never existed the cultural

impact of this game was so huge and it

truly revolutionized the way the gaming

industry perceived the role-playing


and that’s it there are five games that

revolutionize the gaming industry I

really hope that you enjoyed the content.

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