Hey welcome to go crock my name is
Gaurav and today we’re kicking off the
the first installment in a series where we
can reflect on our favorite gaming
memories of the global situation we’re
contending with right now has all of us
mostly confined to our homes and that
confinement has caused lots of us myself
included to play more video games than
usual it’s also had me thinking a lot
about the earlier simpler times in my
life when games were scarce er to come
by my gaming interests were formed and
this god-awful Tomb of the Dragon
Emperor mummy movie didn’t exist
although I’m not a parent I see tons of
people walking around my neighborhood
taking their kids outside and playing
with them and it makes me remember when
I was 10 years old playing whatever
video games I could and never wanting to
go play outside I mean literally in any
the case I’m gonna kick off this series by
cycling through my all-time favorite
gaming memories in chronological order
starting with the first full decade of
my life when I was old enough to
understand what a video game was from
1990 to 1999 as best as I can remember
my first gaming memory is actually a
shared one between Super Mario Brothers
3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System
and Mortal Kombat on the Sega Genesis
allow me to explain the year had to be
1993 or later because I distinctly
recall playing both of these games with
an older kid named Ryan at his parents
house in 1993 is the year that Mortal
Kombat made the jump from arcades to
home consoles I was probably 4 or 5
years old and I had never played a video
the game before I remember playing Mario 3
and being awestruck by the bright colors
the bouncy catchy music and by how fun
it was simply to jump
I think Ryan also showed me the first
Super Mario Brothers but I was too
impressed by Mario 3 to want to waste
any precious time at a friend’s house on
the older more primitive version of a
the game I was already enjoying after
playing Mario for a bit Ryan insisted
that he could show me Mortal Kombat and
asked me to have my character stand
still, so he could show me some special
moves I didn’t know what special moves
he was talking about but I’m sure it
only took two rounds for him to have
knocked me into the pit or ripped out my
spinal column I could not believe the
things I was seeing on the screen
the violence and cartoonish fountains of
blood was insane and when I agreed to
let Sub Zero be finished off by one of
Liu Kang’s fatalities I’m sure that I
shrieked with shock delight and gasps so
yeah Mario 3 and Mortal Kombat were the
first two video games I ever played but
the first one I ever owned was the Tiger
Electronics Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
handheld I probably got this annoying
little thing in 1994-95 for a birthday
or Christmas it seemed really cool to me
initially and I played it a lot but my
interest in it waned pretty rapidly the
buttons on it actually became painful to
push overtime so the farther you got
into the game the more your hands and
thumbs wore out at some point during the
years so that I regularly played the
tiger game I got to play Tetris in Super
Mario Land on a friend’s Gameboy from
then on the Power Rangers handheld kinda
seem like a beeping box of mediocrity
and hand cramps I abandoned the tiger
altogether when I finally got my own
Gameboy sometime in 1995 or 96 by this
a point in my life my family had moved to
a new state and we spent what felt like
a lot of time in the car most of our
vacations were trips around the Midwest
to see family or a rare trip down to
texas or Florida
we’d pile into our Chevrolet Astro van
and each of us would bring along some
kind of entertainment to pass the time
for me, this meant music on a Walkman or
later on my Sony CD player a couple of
books and my clear play at a loud game boy
I’m sure I got that Gameboy as a
Christmas or birthday gift much like
just about everything else in those days
and with it I got one game an arcade
classic combo cart of Galaga and
Galaxian although Galaga was the only
the thing I had to start with I did my best
to beg borrow and buy as many new games
as I passed
could the cool thing about getting a
Gameboy, when I did, was it already had
a really impressive library of games
that had come out in the six or seven
years before I even owned one within
just a couple of years I was confronting
those long ban rights head-on with new
games like Kirby’s Dreamland pokemon
blue Super Mario Land Donkey Kong
the great monopoly
I have long since lost track of how many
times I played through both of these
games and they honestly served as a
perfect capstone for the first 10 years
of my life and video games like I
mentioned this episode is just part one
of my favorite gaming memories so if you
enjoyed this video and want to talk more
about game history game collecting and
frankly, anything in the world that isn’t
the mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
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at last just one thing to say I have been trying
to just forgot the 90s gaming but you it’s not going to
be so easy for me

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