How Gaming Youtuber make money

In this blog, we are going to be talking
about how much money I make on YouTube
how much money I could potentially make
and how much money gaming or
counter-strike YouTubers make on average
the reason I am making this blog is
because I don’t mind being transparent
with you guys on my website I have been
in the counter strike global Offensive
scene me for a very long time so I
do think I can give you guys some fair
and good averages I saw a video like
this one in my recommended feed and I
thought hey people love this it’s
probably going to get some views which
might get me some money so why not make
In the video, I do want to mention that the
gaming industry on YouTube is a very low
CPM earning community however Counter
Strike YouTubers can get some
pretty sweet sponsorships within this
a community which I’ll also be talking
about in this video, a sponsorship is
also how I make the most money off my
youtube channel in Counter-Strike
because my CPM is almost non-existent
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all we also going over how much that is
worth in the counter-strike community
first I’m going to be talking about the
ad revenue that I have made on my
channel as I said earlier the CPM you
make on counter-strike videos is
actually really low as a matter of fact
because of the game’s popularity going
a full time of csgo ad revenue is almost
impossible these are the stats that I’ve
gotten over the past 31 days this
includes December which is a really good
month for ad revenue as you can see I’ve
got around 3 million views and about
$1,700 in ad revenue which to me is
actually quite sad it is often taken as
a fact that whenever you’re making
YouTube videos you earn around $1 for a
thousand views that you get on a video
if you look at my stats you can see that
I earn around 56 cents per thousand
views on my videos this is in December
where advertisers pay the highest price
to get their advertisements on videos
also, something quite important is that
all of the videos that I’ve been
uploading daily were over 10 minutes
which 7 of them were at
end of December what it means to make
your videos over 10 minutes long is that
you’re able to put infinite amounts of
advertisements on the videos now I
personally put three advertisements in
the middle of the video and one at the
beginning where you don’t make your
video 10 minutes long you can to have
mid-roll ads which are the ads that I
placed in the middle of the video but
only have an ad at the beginning of the
video and the end of the video I noticed
I’m talking a little fast again just
sometimes happens when I get frustrated
about a subject so that is basically
what a prime month looks like for me
when it comes down to YouTube ad revenue
only I’m pretty sure most of you guys
really want to see what I’ve made in
total of my YouTube ad revenue so let’s
go take a look at that that what the fog
did what the facts are now my voice did
twenty-nine thousand three hundred and
thirty-four dollars and sixty-two cents
for a total of forty-six point nine
a million views this isn’t too bad
somehow there is a little blackout area
where YouTube doesn’t show what income
I’ve made it from a certain time so it’s
probably incorrect and there’s a few
thousand dollars left out but twenty
nine thousand dollars is the total
amount of money that my youtube channel
has generated from YouTube views alone
so that is it for the YouTube ad revenue
now it’s time to talk about the
big-money bait with the red B emoji so
when it comes to sponsorship deals
there’s a lot of ways you tubers can
make money and especially in the csgo
scene it is not uncommon to put a
pre-roll in front of your videos so
these are the most common ways YouTubers
sell advertisements manually you have
pre-rolls integrations full videos
social media posts and live streams I’m
going to be covering the prices of each
so let’s start with the pre-rolls a
pre-roll is a short advertisement shown
at the start of a video anywhere between
five to forty-five seconds the price for
these pre-rolls is about five to ten
dollars CPM now if you’re an established
youtuber meaning that you have a
connection with the website and you’ve
done work with them before this price
can actually go up to let’s take the
average of seven dollars and fifty cents
for a thousand views when my videos get
a hundred thousand views on average
meaning that I could sell a pre-roll for
about seven hundred and fifty dollars
per video the most that I’ve personally
sold a pre-roll for is about fifteen
hundred dollars on a video when my
videos were averaging about two hundred
a thousand views of the video so yeah that’s
about the max that I’ve sold a pre-roll
at last I will just end these wishing for your growing youtube channel

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