How To Name Your Gaming Youtube Channel

How to find a proper YouTube channel name and how to get ideas for a proper YouTube channel name. I noticed that a lot of videos and posts around the topic. how to choose a good YouTube channel name focus on the requirements so the YouTube channel name has to be easy as to be short and mask that as tips but these tips actually hold you back because you can’t think freely in a creative process so in this post I’m going to take a different approach.

I’ll show you 5 easy and actionable steps to get so many YouTube channel ideas that you have the luxury to cross off the ones that don’t meet the requirements. uhhh tips tips tips and of course, in the end, I’m going to give you some tips as well.

if you’re still struggling with your YouTube channel topic it’s wise to have nailed that down before you start thinking of a youtube channel name. I researched dozens and dozens of channel names and I came up with three categories.

first of all the brand category Cole’s Cola for example if you have a brand you should absolutely do that second of all the descriptive kind like for example, the last one is your name your own name, to be honest, I’m not a fan of that one because if you’re not famous if you don’t have an established brand name already like Will Smith it doesn’t help you it doesn’t describe the content but for example Social Video Plaza absolutely describes what I’m doing on this channel.

if you do want to use your own name combine it with something descriptive for example Josh Hamilton says nothing about what the content is but Josh Hamilton Gaming, for example, everything about the content but that can be a little bit more difficult for a vlogging channel but instead of JoshHamilton choose fun with Josh Hamilton so viewers know when they are clicking on a video then it is about fun.

it’s something positive something like My Life is too broad but the life of a procrastinator says everything about you. so the five steps to choose a good YouTube channel name.

the first one is don’t wait for an idea a YouTube channel name is not important, what I mean is finding the perfect YouTube channel name when you start out is not important because you can always change it later and if that is the thing that is holding you back to start out the YouTube channel it’s simply not a valid excuse okay. Why all they can encourage people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Third of all a good YouTube channel name increases the chance of getting discovered by the YouTube search algorithm if you are not sure yet about your YouTube channel name hold off with picking a youtube url slug a URL slug is the last part of the URL of YouTube for example this is the thing that you will takewith you for the next couple of years and if you have to change that on all your social media and all the websites that are referring to your channel it’s a nightmare step number two write down topics associated with your YouTube channel.

the idea is to get as many ideas on paper as you can get this is a brainstorm session so there’s absolutely no room for negativity or bad ideas because bad ideas can eventually lead to good ideas so also write down the bad ideas the trick is to get as many ideas as you can get hundreds to hundreds preferably even 500.

Then we can later choose the bestones for example for my music producer channel this could be music producermusic production making music DAW (is digital audio workstation) course tutorial learning school music making plugins compressor side-chaining wave forms sound music noise.

white noise gate fade pop click top-kick bass mixLFO envelope gear fader bit sample samples sample rate etc! also think ofwords that are synonyms of each other for example course class learning masterclass tutorial those are all words that mean basically the same thing the funny thing is that these words are also search terms.

you can use in your video description or your YouTube channel description also these words can be great video ideas so getting this right is a double-edged sword do this over the course of a week or so step number three mix and match ideas.

take the list of ideas we had in the previous step and mix them together paste them together and see if they make sense for example noise gate would make sense but white noise software not so much try to see if you can come up with ideas that make linguistically sense so don’t apply a heavy filter.

do this a couple of minutes a day over the course of a week to make your life a little bit easier I’ve come up with a list of paste words that you can combine with the ideas from step two.

tip number one for catchy titles try alliterations, for example, sample smashers, bitmap brosBob’s Burgers that kind of stuff tip number two paste one of the words we had in step number two with your first name or your last name, or maybe you did have a nickname growing up and the final tip is I already mentioned it.

maybe you have a character trait that is typical for you. step number four make stuff upit’s hard to imagine but the company name Google is a made-up word also goopby gwyneth paltrow is made up and I don’t think that you can find pewdiepie in the oxford english dictionary also you can try to see if you can spell words from the steps earlier phonetically.

so for example the wordbusiness is with 3 s’s but you can write it down also with a Z try to come up with as many as you can over the course of a week step number five separate the good from the bad and the ugly now and only now we are going to filter out the bad ideas I have some guidelines to help you first of all the dot-com domain name needs to be available the channel name needs to be somewhat unique.

no abbreviations because they are hard to remember no difficult words although fancy words might spark interest or have a special meaning be careful it’s a slippery slope you want people to find you when they type in your name in Google and YouTube your name needs to be easy to spell if someone hears it they need to know how to spell it again.

you want people to find you no words or word combinations that feel too forced no name that has too many numbers or symbols the name needs to be short and preferably shorter than three syllables profanity is out of the question although I have to admit that sample s …, sample s … this is exactly my point it’s a funny name for a music production channel but YouTube and their profanity … Aaahhh.

I guess when you’re starting out you want views as fast as possible then you should absolutely check out my ultimate beginner’s guide right here.

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