PlayStation 5 Features: Ps5 Features

With the playstation 5 finally here you may be eager to jump right in and play those games you’ve been dying to get your hands on since they were first revealed but before you do that we’ve compiled a list of settings and features you might not know exist or could easily overlook as you journey into the next generation of gaming here are some tips to get the most out of your brand new console.

1.A built-in microphone is a good solution when you’re in between headsets or simply don’t have access to one at the moment.

The problem with the dual sensor’s built-in solution is that the vibration intensity and adaptive triggers are automatically set to weak when it’s turned on.The haptic feedback is one of the biggest selling points of the dual sense so if you’re using the built-in microphone you won’t be experiencing the full effects of the ps5’s brand new controller.

2.By default the dual sense is set to never turn off without user intervention even when idle in the settings you can change this to 10,30 or even 60 minutes allowing your controller to turn off after you’ve stepped away for extended periods will save you a ton of battery life.

3.If you’re tired of having to adjust all your settings each time you launch a new game such as difficulty graphical modes and camera movements, the ps5 has an option to end those pain points use the game presets option in the save data and game app settings to make sure every game loads up with your preferred style.

4.A simple yet elegant addition to the ps5’s UI is the alteration of the playstation button on the dual sense controller pressing the button will pull up the control center as an overlay on the bottom of the screen while holding it down will take you directly home and of course neither one will exit any game you have loaded. can change what the create button does by default it’ll snap a screenshot with just a press but if you open up the settings there you’ll be able to map the button to whatever create option you’d

Like this includes mapping it to just take screenshots or to record gameplay clips up to an hour in length.

6.if you’re like me and you want to see just how many hours of your life you’ve thrown away on a particular video game you could do so from the playstation 5 home screen,from there select your avatar then your profile then select games to view your hours played the percentage you’ve completed and more. you can even tab over to your friends stats and spy on them to see how much time they’re pouring into bug snacks and if you had a ps4 last gen this retroactively includes hours logged on your last console.

7.By default pop-up notifications are often suspended during videos broadcasts and sometimes games you may want to leave your message notifications off during videos and broadcasts but you might want to see other information like your wishlist updates mid-game go to settings then notifications to adjust accordingly to make sure your ps5 only bothers you when you want it to.

8.check out the save data and apps section of your settings and adjust spoiler warnings to stop yourself from seeing anything you haven’t yet seen in a game, in case your psn friends can’t help but

send you an incredible spoiler-filled screenshot likewise if you’re trying to live in spoiler city you can toggle these warnings right off and go crazy.

9.Ps5 offers voice dictation to make it even easier to send messages to friends while using the console this is a great addition because it saves you time typing out messages and especially because the built-in mic on the dualsense wireless controller means it’s available to everyone. 

An additional fact ps5 media controller also features a built-in mic and can be used to send messages this way too.

10.Number two in the settings menu under users and accounts you can enable console sharing and offline play which links the console to your account and allows you to share your games and media with other players on that console this is similar to the ability to activate a primary ps4 and just as with ps4 you can only enable this option on one ps5 at a time it’s worth noting that enabling console sharing and offline play on ps5 does not affect your ps4 activation limit.

11. Speaking of the connection between ps4 and ps5 let’s talk about remote play as well as being able to access your ps5 from a pc or compatible mobile device there’s now a ps5 remote play app on ps4 so you can use your ps4 to stream games from your ps5 additionally remote play will add support for up to three additional users to join the remote play session which means players can enjoy local multiplayer games via remote play

12.It’s been confirmed that ps5 users can join parties and chat with

friends on ps4 or using the new playstation app parties in general will play a bigger role on ps5 designed to be a dedicated hangout space for you and up to 99 friends somewhere to share game content plan gaming sessions or just chat across ps4 ps5 and the app 

13.It’s also been confirmed that ps5 users can play online multiplayer with friends on ps4 whether you’re playing a multiplayer ps4 game on your ps4 or ps5 via backwards compatibility you will be able to play with other players on either console on the same game it’s also possible to play together if one of you has the ps4 version and another the ps5 version of the same game depending on developer support.

14. There are several ways to move your games from ps4 to ps5 if you want to play them on your new console there’s an option to transfer both stored games and your saves from ps4 using data transfer over wi-fi or using an ethernet cable similar to transferring data from one ps4 to another

15. Actually though while ps5 games must be stored on the console’s ssd drive ps4 games can be stored on a compatible external usb drive and played directly from there on ps5 just like on ps4 in fact if you’ve been using an external usb drive on ps4 you can take that same drive plug it into ps5 and use all the games stored there straight away.

16.Speaking of ps5’s ultra fast m2 ssd in the future users will be able to expand that storage using the expansion port that comes built into ps5 it’s been confirmed that this m2 ssd storage upgrade functionality will come to ps5 after launch as part of a system software update along with more details on which type of m2 ssd storage drive will be compatible with ps5

17.Speaking of playstation storage the playstation app now allows you to manage your storage space remotely while downloading to the console so if you start downloading a game you want to play when you get home say and you run out of space you can use the app to make room to finish the installation.

18.One of our favorite things that we discovered after a bit of time with ps5 on the new console while looking at the game section of your profile you’re able to see your total play time for every game not just your ps5 games but for ps4 games too so you can marvel at just how many hours you’ve sunk into your favorite titles over the last few years.

19.Spotify is supported at launch on ps5 enabling music playback in the app itself and also in-game ready those title-specific playlists now ps5 also plays music from USB drives with mp3 FLAC and aac formats supported.

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