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Our hearts they’re racing. Our minds they’re tense. Our eyes are glued to the screen looking for that one crazy moment that will turn the game upside down and when it comes there’s joy for some and their sadness for others well. Welcome to esports, these epic moments make esports so lovable and they go by quite a few names but for us we like to call them the plays! For the next few weeks we are celebrating plays instances that turn the game, decisions that leave us in awe, and reflexes that make us go what the f** To kick things off here’s list for the Top 10 PUBG MobilePlays Ever!

Our first play is not exactly a play but still a play by Box’s Louis. Defying gravity, he pulled off one of the more difficult tricks in the book and climbed the ridge with a car. His unique skill gave his team a big advantage as they now have the higher ground and a lot of vision. Unfortunately, it did not really do a lot for Box because they lost the game in the end. The zone forced them to move away from the cliff. Nevertheless, the shock factor was so perfectly captured by the casters meant this clip just had to be a part of our list.

At number nine is Futbolist Lutz’s incrediblenade at PMWL West. Not always do we get a picture-perfect name that connects two players of a team in a very tense situation and it has almost never been done through a smoke. Futbolist Lutz managed to do both with perfection. In a zone with six teams alive, it was up to every player to make something happen and Lutz delivered in style. They followed up by breaching the opponent compound and holding both the houses with full control to keep all the other teams at bay. As the zone screwed them over and they were forced to move out, they were still able to win against all odds. Futbolist really clutched this game out and showed us why they are the PMWL West champions!

At number eight is Luxxy’s incredible one versus two versus two at PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019. When Luxxy isn’t a shy young adult from Indonesia,he’s a sly but bold PUBG professional clutching insane plays for the team. If a one versus two situation around the last few circles isn’t difficult enough, Bigetron’s star managed to pull off a one versus two versus two situation showing immense patience and courage as needed. What’s more, the stakes were as high as it gets. PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019 demanded the very best of plays from its participants and Luxxy showed why Bigetron rightfully deserved the trophy

At number seven, we have a clip from the PMCO Spring Split Global Finals. This match was anyones for the taking. Unless you had a car to run over your opponents,you had to run away and hide. But once the hiding ended, the hunt began. It takes nerves of steel to keep calm when Orange Esports is attacking you from one side and then Team Queso is driving around to flank you from the other side. Even in that situation, Bigetron held their ground and showed once again why they are so feared. Coming in

at number six is a truly godlike play by Clutchgod at PMWL East 2020. Clutch God isn’t one to waste time. In this clip he saw Team Secret, took the chance, entered their house and destroyed them in a matter of seconds! Truly a godly pay in every way. Even though it was an early game battle and the stakes weren’t that high, we can still appreciate the skill it took to pull that off.

At number five is ZGod making quick work of Orange Rock at PMPL South Asia. TSM Entity’s GHATAK has always boasted about his rushing and aggressive abilities. His students, Clutchgod, ZGod, Neyo and JONATHAN have certainly learnt well. At PMPL South Asia, ZGod managed to push TSMEntity’s hopes even further one kill at a time by taking them to second position from what seemed like a confirmed third place finish. After Jonathan fell, ZGod obliterated OrangeRock from the face of this planet without any hesitation and he certainly made everyone proud even if he did not win the game. Now we are approaching the tippy top of the list,

at number four is Morph Frenzzy against the world at one HP at PMWL East 2020. Morph entered the final few circles beaten but not really broken. They lost everybody but one player and he too was on just one hp without any first aid kits or bandages or any medicines of any kind. On the other side of the circle was a fierce war going on between TSM Entity, GXR Celtz and NOVA Godlike but as the dust settled,only Morph’s Frenzzy and two players from GXR Celtz were alive and it was Frenzzy who stood up took aim and created history!

At number three is TOP Esports taking on Team Queso at PMCO Fall Split 2019 Global Finals. Meet the two competitors, TOP Esports have to defend their house from the attackers Team Queso and as Team Queso rushed in courageously TOP Esports didn’t back down and they put up a great fight. The tables turned and it turned into a reverse sweep the defenders sprung the trap and they turned into the attackers. The end result, a beautiful engagement worthy of Rank 3 on our list, have a look!

At number two is JONATHAN versus the world at PMWL East. Jonathan has always been considered as one of the best assaulters in the world if not the absolute best. He’s proved that time and again but absolutely nothing comes close to how he played this match fire of Week 2 in PMWL East. He lost his teammates to a bad push against Team FreeStyle and the casters criticized that move But as every other team was desperately fighting for their lives inside the city of Yasnaya Polyana, JONATHAN decided to hide and bitehis time in the fields and he waited for the perfect moment to strike and when he struck with precision he took down all the players one by one by one and he won the game for his team!

Before we show our pick for the best playing PUBG Mobile of all time, here are a few honorable mentions that made it to the list Finally, here comes the number one play and in our opinion the best PUBG Mobile Play of all time. It’s BTR Ryzen wiping out Team IND and OrangeRock at PMWL East. Bigetron is the most feared team in the world and not just because of their huge list of achievements but also because of their consistency with which they deliver world-class gameplay. Hell, one might even be tempted to call Bigetronthe golden standards for PUBG Mobile and the key player in their success is Ryzen. He proved his worth when his squad wiped not one but two of the better teams in the game in PMWL East. This ladies and gentlemen is in our opinion the greatest play in PUBG Mobile of all time

  Do you agree with our list? Who did we miss and if you think there’s some other place that deserved to be on the list let us know in the comments below and tell us which game would you like to see next. For now, we’re gonna AFK and we’ll see you in our next Post!

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