PUBG Unban Truth

Welcome to Esports this Week… And this week you are going to read about pubg unban. Indian Government has banned PUBG Mobile and only they can unban it, Or else the game won’t be able to come back on Play Store & App Store.

I am done, bro… I am done! I don’t think you can take care of my invoice then. Let’s get to work now? So… I’ll do it now. In the last post about pubg unban, we spoke about the unban of PUBG Mobile That day onwards people started discussing it… And this weekend, a lot of announcements came out. Krafton Inc announced a partnership with Microsoft Azure And for Diwali, a PUBG Mobile advertisement has also been made with Kronton & Dynamo as per our friends over at AFK Gaming. Now, what does all this mean for PUBG Mobile?

Till now whatever information I gave you, it was second-hand and was full of speculation. The announcement hasn’t been made yet, but it will be soon… But what do we know for sure right now? 3 Important things… First of all, PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the government, which means only they can unban it.

And until they unban it, the game won’t come back on App Store & Play Store. And until an announcement doesn’t come from the Indian Government nothing can be done. Second, Tencent is not the game’s publisher in India anymore.

This means whoever will come as the new publisher and handle the game… Will they be able to cultivate the Esports scene the way Tencent did? Be it Krafton or Microsoft or whoever it is. Will Indian teams be able to participate in International events like before? And will the Indian accounts work on Tencent’s server?

Hopefully… Third and most important… In India, Tencent isn’t the publisher anymore which means their database is also not being used This means your UC, your accounts, your skins everything hopefully gets transferred to the new database of the new publisher.

Keeping all these things in mind, one thing is for sure… Ads, more information like this, and announcements will keep coming. But the game will actually take some time to come back. Now when the game got banned, we only said one thing keeping ‘hope’ is a good thing but making ‘assumptions’ is not. So, let’s hope the game gets unbanned as soon as possible and we all can meet in our favorite Battleground.

, there isn’t an official date for PUBG unban yet. But still, you all might know that there is an official statement that the game is linked with Krafton, they have published it. So, I guess it will take like a month or less than a month but the game will be back soon because they have made it official. They can launch the game on Diwali, it’s a very nice opportunity.

Because Diwali is a very big festival in India And if they bring it during Diwali it will do wonders as a Diwali gift for PUBG players and for us. So, I think it can come on Diwali or maybe PUBG won’t come on Diwali but its release date will be announced. Or else who knows, PUBG Mobile might get released. So, I guess…

Tencent is a very big company so bringing an Esports like them might be a little difficult. But it’s not like it’s not possible, it is possible because Microsoft is also a very big company But it will be a little difficult because Tencent has been in the industry for a long time And they have their roots deep in the competitive scene So, it will be a little bit difficult but it’s not that it won’t be possible, It will be possible but it will take some time from my point of view.

So, from all this, I can clear one thing for you all, you don’t need to worry at all. You all will be given a time period because the same thing happened in Korea When PUBG Mobile Korean Version came out, they had given a specific period of time In which you can transfer all your progress and achievements from the Global version to the new version Like earlier, they did in PUBG Mobile Korea So, if PUBG Mobile Indian version comes, whatever progress or achievement you had in the Global version you can transfer it within a given period of time to the new version.

But make sure you do it in the given time or else you won’t be able to do it later. So, guys, thank you very much for watching. I felt really nice coming to Esports this Week, It’s a really chill scene here Also,

So, did you like the Ad? See when the Government banned PUBG Mobile their main concern was privacy and data mining. And now is this issue solved? Because PUBG Mobile has ended their collaboration with Tencent and have collaborated with Microsoft Azure Aside from that they have put up a position on LinkedIn for a Development Manager Aside from that they have put up position on LinkedIn for Development Manager Now all of these things indicate that the game will soon come to India But the Indian Government hasn’t clearly provided any information yet Now, what does this mean?

PUBG Mobile is really trying everything from their end to bring the game to India But the Indian Government will need some more time Because they need to tick all the checkboxes due to which the game got banned initially Don’t worry, be optimistic the game will come back really soon Now aside from that,

we have a few more developments According to some sources we have got to know that your in-game skins and items will be transferred from the Global Version to the Indian Version So, don’t stress about that Also, Esports athletes are happy to hear the game’s return and have already started their prep

A couple of days back, Mortal made an announcement on his stream Where he said that he will step down from his team’s roster and take a mentorship role Apart from this, reading the Instagram updates of X Spark, Orange Rock, TSM Entity I am feeling that PUBG Mobile never even went anywhere That environment and competitive nature is suddenly back, guys!

And not just that, now after the game gets unbanned, we will get to see everyone’s performance I am eagerly waiting for this Now in this version after getting hit by the bullet the color of the blood will be ‘green’ instead of ‘red’ And aside from that, PUBG Mobile’s War theme will change into a Virtual Simulation Ground Now apart from all these game changes, there is one important change Where PUBG Mobile will be imposing restrictions for ‘Younger Audience’ so that they don’t play the game endlessly day & night Because everyone should focus on their health and keep a balance between their game life and real life

Now I really liked this change and felt it’s really important What are your opinions? Tell me in the comments Now apart from PUBG there is one more game that keeps on coming into the news VALORANT! Now whatever I say about Valorant is less. Every week there is some or the other new tournament coming up And this week India’s first LAN for 2020 has been announced SKY Esports League This is going to be an INR 10 Lakh prize pool tournament! It is going to be the biggest tournament in the entire South Asia region this year So big props to you

SKY Esports In this Tournament, eight teams are going to participate Global Esports is also going to be a part of it… So, I am super excited! First time in the entire year, LAN’s excitement! Our team has already started practicing And to know more make sure you follow our socials and show us a little bit of love Now the Indian scene is fine, let’s give a little attention to the International scene Who all saw the match between G2 Esports and Guild Esports?

A very controversial thing happened G2 Esports went on to win the match because Guild Esports got disqualified And why? Now in this game Guild Esports did a bug abuse Using Killjoy’s ‘Turret’ and Sage’s ‘Wall’ to climb over it and hit Bro! A-level creativity! This reminds me of CS-GO’s ‘Olof boost’ What do you think is this bug abuse?

And is it fair to disqualify the entire team from the tournament? Let me know in the comments section Now Call of Duty Season 12 has gone live and its called ‘Going Dark’ No, literally ‘Going Dark’ Oh what?! What happened here?? Bro, who switched off the light? In Multiplayer matches – Night mode Like me, everyone will get night vision goggles so that they can see in the dark Game’s first legendary operator skin is coming – ‘Nikto Dark Side’

Now aside from this a new event is also coming by the name – ‘Knights Divided’ And a new operator also called as ‘REFITTER’ is coming out for the Battle Royale mode There is too much in this patch and if I get into the details, I’ll completely get into it So, Go check out you’ll get the patch notes in the description Let me know what your thoughts are on the new season

Congratulations to all the Call of Duty Mobile players Because I know you all have been waiting for this season for a long time Now we spoke about PUBG Mobile, Valorant, and CODM One thing is pending, that is Diwali Now Diwali is over and I hope everyone’s Diwali went well with their friends and family Because we all are living in an uncertain time And during uncertainty, only one thing is needed that is an assurance that everything will be alright And I am here to give you this assurance that everything will be alright

In fact, PUBG Mobile will come back soon And recently Sportskeeda has posted an article in which they asked the opinion of all the industry’s famous people on the return of PUBG Mobile And in this, I have also given my views Please Go check out this Article And in the comments If you have any questions or doubts about the return of PUBG Mobile Please Let me know, I am happy to answer all of these queries for you Don’t worry PUBG Mobile will come back soon.

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