The Downfall Of Fortnite

we gotta have a little talk I’ve been
seeing a lot of Fortnite people talk
about this
and I think it needs to be
addressed even further if you guys don’t
know what I’m talking about this is a
a problem that’s been happening
for many many seasons, I’m not just
talking about skill-based I think it’s a
problem but I’m not gonna mention that
even though I just did even though the
reboot system is in the game
there are still way too many people
that is dying
very quickly now I think this problem is
only really associated with people that
have a higher
skill gap and we’re going into first
with more than 80 people dying with less
then 15 people left
not only in solos not only in duos but
also in squads and you guys are going to
see in today’s video
why it’s a problem it leaves a lot of
dead space in the game I think the
The reboot thing is a great idea but I also
think this is something that they should
take away from the warzone
with the gold system, I think one thing
to help with this is either
increase the number of people that can
be in a lobby or
have a better system where people can
be brought
back more which allows more fighting and
less dead space in the game I think a
The cool way to do that is maybe with the
the system is to implement that and you
spin your gold to bring
somebody back
and it also makes for funny content
because just imagine somebody screaming
and yelling at you just because
you won’t spend your gold to get them
back and you have to think about it
because you want your gold but if you
guys have any other ideas on how Fortnite
could fix this
put them in the comments hope you guys
enjoy and yeah
enjoy it yeah what’s up yeah what up
we’re gonna learn doghouse I think
one team coming here yeah we should
probably put a bounty on them
calm down yeah give me that bounty
well that ain’t then I guess there’s no
one here does it automatically pick the
I’m pretty sure it does the closest yeah
yeah you’re right there are people
over here please carry me good sir I’m
going to the dog house and try to beat him
I got to kill one’s dead
all right that one’s by you
oh please stop
you’re done nicely all right I hit me for
so much man I don’t know where the other
one came from
we can go back to over here this is so
literally, we went to go get the slurp
the truck just to come back to hold these
guys, we lost the bounty but we got
another version
okay but there they are in front of us
it’s just solo
and we supply that is it
I think they have a sniper yeah they do
dude, I swear the bots just have such i
don’t even
have much lead oh these guys are kind of
coming towards it
you just take the car and dip all right
here you drive let’s get to sand and
then just
the guy’s really close left yo this guy
on the left is separated really hard
they don’t see you I think
33 cracked 33 white
on your dude, he’s gone

oh there’s another team by the way he’s
really weak
I’m just shocked somewhere I don’t know
I have some cavity I can take a bit of
storm damage we’re about to be in the
middle of a lot
yeah there are like kids everywhere oh
bro can I like swim I’m just gonna I’m
not kidding I’m pretty sure the whole
obviously, you’re like no joke
yeah I see like multiple teams we could
a third party that if you want
my threat level is three bars which
means yeah you know
the zone just closed and there are 13 people
left there’s 11.
you can’t get in the sand when you’re
reloading yeah these guys are fighting
northeast we should try to fight it
knocked one oh wait that is a finish
25 I think we should the third party that we
should push it
one shield got knocked off they’re both
that guy’s really weak
is it a solo I think so
my bad
he’s trying to pop a mini yeah
dude why is this game so sweaty
bro, he’s dead he’s getting so
geez take that storm take this medkit
this game
is wild
literally next to us what I can’t see
anything bro
he must be in the sand it’s too bright
he’s got to be behind us or something
I’m so confused about where this guy might
oh my god that scared me here take this
we need to get to zone
wait supply right here I’m going to get
it oh the same guy the same guys right
here on me
okay did he go he is alone no
no, he’s just there oh sam
he’s going this way um
I think we’re just gonna have to go zone
here I don’t know what’s the match so
he’s probably dirty

let’s like get on top of them
yeah there’s a guy there 15 white
he bounced away please no they just
killed him
I’m gonna take this stuff I hit him 66
give me
eighteen thirty-three white blocked him

come on bud sniper’s on


yeah this is the last team shooting them
down we have crystals
yep all right I’m gonna box
buddies uh one shot all right
this one assume I don’t even know what i
just did
they snuck up on me
all right
oh come on not a lot of mats
let’s go slap
laughs stupid little bot
ggs oh my gosh I’m so sweaty my fingers
hurt dude
bass and the people dying man it’s it’s
bad for this game please fix

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