5 Best Tools For Gaming

Hey guys if you are gaming on windows like me then, today I am going to tell you the 5 best tools you can download for free which can make things easier for you. So that you can concentrate on your gaming only instead of looking for different solutions in the middle of the game.

So welcome to Go Crock guys today this is special episode for my gaming brothers. It’s not like only for them few applications are useful for nongamer too.

5. Hamachi

So let’s began our list Number 5 If you want to organize a multiplayer gaming session over the internet then u can Enjoy your games over a secure virtual network using hamachi, It provides free basic service and extra features for a fee.

Its a very strong, secure, and robust Virtual private network. Hamachi enables you to establish an airtight network between multiple computers and do everything from sharing files to playing private games, using a super–secure P2P protocol to ensure it can smoothly access servers, firewalls, and routers.

It has one of the simplest interfaces i have ever used in the world of VPNs, so if you’re relatively new to the concept, Hamachi wont make you feel a total noob.

4. Discord

So Next is Number 4 Recently i was playing counter strike with my friends and to my surprise, we were not able to talk we have tries each piece of settings in that game but still no luck, and believe me that was really frustrating at last we setup our whats app and keep calling each other in the middle of the games. that was embarrassing really.

So guys i dont want you to get into that situation so today i will give you one application called Discord its a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming.

its a great app you can use the web version or you can download the app too. you can send your friends a link that will instantly bring your friends to your channel and you can start talking with each other.

there are plenty of other applications too like Mumbel or Team Speak or Skype but believe me, Discord is the best of all its very lightweight so your FPS will not go down due to this. and it’s absolutely free.

3. MSI Afterburner

Next is number 3 If you have an old computer and want to upgrade your PC because you are not able to play few latest games then wait for a min because I have an ultimate free overclocking tool to get extra performance from your GPU.

that may help you to get that extra juice that you are looking for to play your fav game. The MSI afterburner its a free tool to overclock your GPU.

As it’s of MSI It doesn’t mean that it will work only for MSI graphics cards it will work for all the graphics cards and able to push their hardware to the limit.

If you have even a passing interest in unlocking the inner potential of your GPU and push it a little extra so that you can try some more options in gaming, then this free optimization software is for you.

Basically this software opens up the voltage settings of your hardware and enables it to consume a bit more power which directly improves its overall performance.

Video memory and clock speed are the two areas MSI Afterburner performs well when comes to overclocking your machine. But be careful because messing with these settings can seriously overheat your hardware and you can lose it forever.

so make sure your cooling unit is set to full blast before you start cooking your GPU. And read lots of blogs and videos before doing this if possible take some professional help.

And If you are not considering overclocking still its very useful to you you can record your gameplay using this application too just go to settings and search for video capturing.

Set up your keyboard shortcuts and output folder and that’s it you are ready for gameplay recording.

2. Steam

Next is number 2well everyone knows Steam its a free software i think every gamer must have because it is like a Facebook of gamer.

It will arrange your all games and gives a single place to manage your favorite game. U can pin your friend and follow their online status. you can chat with your friend on steam too.

And some great benefits are like steam runs offers many times in the year like summer sale between June and July month this year it was from 22nd June to July 5th. and another is the end of the year sale in December.

Also check Things you can buy in Steam Winter Sale

At that time you can get your favorite game at a very high discount this time I saw games with a 92% discount it’s huge right.

so this piece of software will give you updates on the steam sale and you can keep track of your favorite upcoming games. Steam will take care of your gaming updates and DLC it will inform the user to get the updates.

Steam has lots of free games also which u can download and play it. This list contains lots of online multiplayer games too. so it’s a must-have software for all of the gaming community.

1. Flux or F.lux

Next, at last, is number 1 guys your eyes are the most important and beautiful creation to see the beauty of the world and the awesome graphics used in games right rest of all is ok.

I am just joking So u have to protect your eyes because if you lose your eyesight then u cannot play games that’s unacceptable right some use very expensive glasses but u can play smart and use this software.

normally gaming sessions usually mean long stretches in front of your display, straining those eyes of yours in the quest for trophies and achievements. but it’s not going to do your eyes any good in the long run.

One potential solution is a piece of software specifically designed to make your monitor that bit less damaging over long periods. and One such option is flux or f.lux whatever you call it, A free app that adjusts your display automatically to protect your eyes.

It’s especially useful if you like getting in your gaming hours later at night with the lights down or low.

it adjusts the color of your screen to give you more warmth and a glowing feel which is a lot more comfortable at night. This free Windows app works by dynamically adjusting the color temperature of your display depending on the time of day.

It will help reduce eye strain and potentially improve sleep patterns when gaming later in the evening. It’s also pretty tiny, and won’t eat up lots of system resources. So I will defiantly prefer this piece of software to every gamer brother out there.

better u install it right now And the best part is it has a mobile version too.

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