Will Pubg Come Back In India??

In today’s episode we’ll talk about THE most insane gaming house in Asia So make sure you read till the end. Valorant is getting many changes along with the Snowball Fight mode A new imposter enters Fortnite Free Fire has announced 2021’s competitive landscape And no episode is complete without PUBG Mobile So we will talk about a very controversial topic regarding PUBGM.

2020 has been a pretty heavy year for Riot games, right? First with Valorant, then Wild Rift… They have achieved a lot this year, won many awards, and Valorant’s competitive eco structure has become so strong First Ignition Series and then First Strike Even the tournament organizers in India are hosting tournaments after tournaments First TEC got over, then the Skyesports tournament got over Then they did second iterations of their tournaments It’s going very well!

In fact, in the End Of Year Feedback series from the Dev team, The devs have said that the game will get more support for the competitive side The publisher has released the game’s API so players can now view their stats easily Because of this players are not reliant solely on site’s like Mobalytics The game will also get a ranked leaderboard featuring each region’s Top Players The game’s communication and in-game reputation system will be improved a lot.

watch and comment on your opinions The year is almost over and Valorant is celebrating Christmas in a BIG way! There’s a new game mode in Valorant in which you can have snowball fights with your friends Wow! Insane, right?! On top of that, you will also get a snow bro gun buddy once you’re done with this event The event ends on the 29th so get grinding!

In Episode 2 next year, based on your Episode 1 rank, you will get a gun buddy So if you want to grind ranked and climb for the extra gun buddy So go grind immediately, the Act rank will be locked on 11th January Don’t miss this opportunity, spend all the holidays grinding! Everyone’s been playing Among Us, right? There’s a clone of the game in Fortnite called Amidst Us Aur Amidst Us is a community map for Fortnite in the creative mode 10 players can play this game out of which 1-2 will be imposters and the rest, crewmates. Wow! What a cool idea! Whoever thought of this, great initiative! This is exactly how big games get made…

In fact CSGO and DOTA 2 started off in a similar way They were the first custom modes on Half-Life and Warcraft 3 And since then they kept growing and became big esports titles And their names were written in history forever So if you think that you can create something unique like this… Go to the Fortnite Creative Mode and crack something new! Let’s come to our favorite topic, PUBG Mobile Just last week, GEM Esports put out on social media an RTI they had filed In which they were basically asking, what is going on with PUBG Mobile?

They shared the response to the RTI in the post In which it’s clearly mentioned that the government has not unbanned the game yet The meaning of this reply is that the game which was banned in September has not been unbanned. That’s it. If the game is launching with a new name, a new publisher Will that be allowed to launch in India?

who knows But we are all hopeful. I definitely think that the game will return. The publisher has changed. It’s Krafton now, not Tencent The game’s name has changed to PUBG Mobile India In fact, the publisher is trying their best to localize the game They changed the colour of blood Characters will be dressed by default Plus the welcome kit is also ready Because of all these factors, I think PUBG will get unbanned

Now, it’s just a matter of time We’re hopeful that in the upcoming days, the game should launch Till the game is not launched, please do not trust and download any third party app or apk It might damage your phone and steal your data So be very careful and wait till the game is back We spoke a lot about PUBG Mobile, now let’s talk about Free Fire Garena has made a lot of plans for their Esports going into 2021 Specially in India 4 major tournaments- Pro League Summer& Winter; FFIC Spring&

Fall Pro league will act as qualifiers in which 18 teams will participate Out of the 18, twelve teams will be from the last FFIC Finals And 6 teams will be chosen from open qualifiers The entire year’s prize pool is going to be more than 2 crores! Massive props to Garena. Free Fire players are going to get a lot of opportunities! If you’re just starting your Esports career, you can do that through our Open Tryouts. globalesports.com/register.

We’ve gotten so many DMs and emails and everybody is asking for the same thing… an opportunity This is why we have launched these tryouts The last date to register is 31st December So go fill out the form, enter whatever game you want to go pro in be it Free Fire, CODM, Valorant, CoC, Brawl Stars… whatever 2021 is going to be an epic year! Updates on our open tryouts will be posted on our socials so make sure you’re following them

Now let’s talk about Asia’s most insane content/ gaming house This hasn’t been revealed yet so I’m not going to leak too much But… few leaks are alright Global Esports Content House will be revealed next month This will be home to some of the biggest Esport athletes and content creators 3 floored pent-house that too in Bandra, Mumbai! What we are going to do with this place, nobody has probably ever imagined… You will get to see a LOT of content from here Not going to reveal any more because these things are better seen than heard.

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